EMG audio amplifier 💪

I recently published my 5th post on Instructables.com. The Instructable walks through how to build an EMG audio amplifier. Check it out!

EMG audio amplifier

A couple days after posting my Instructable, I found out it had been featured on the HackADay blog! They even sent the article out to their 114K followers on Twitter. Not bad!

From their article:

This isn’t the first EMG rig we’ve seen, but John does a nice job of explaining why such a special amplifier is used and how it works. He also provides a lot of pointers to more detailed information, including a paper that covers the safety aspects of hooking yourself — or anyone — up to electronics.

How kind of them! :smiley:

Head over to my Instructables profile to see some of the other projects I’ve worked on.



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