Hi! I’m a 26-year-old aspiring data scientist currently based in Chicago. I recently completed a masters degree in electrical & computer engineering and am exploring my options for a career in data science and machine learning.

Defending my masters thesis in May 2018.
Defending my masters thesis in May 2018.

I enjoy using data science techniques to pursue fascinating but as-yet unexplored questions, such as, are country artists who sing about trucks more likely to also sing about beer? Or, are male Sharks more likely to make deals with men than women? I’ve enjoyed a fair bit of success on the Data Is Beautiful subreddit while pursuing answers to questions like these. I also maintain an active GitHub profile, where I’ve enjoyed collaborating with various contributors on a number of my personal projects.

I earned my masters degree from the University of Iowa, where I helped develop automated diagnostics for diseases of the retina. Before heading to grad school, I served as a research assistant in the Human Spinal Cord Research Lab in Iowa’s Department of Neurosurgery. I previously graduated from Goshen College, where I completed a B.A. in physics with a minor in English, and remained actively involved in music.

Currently applying to data scientist positions, I look forward to joining a company that shares my enthusiasm for wrangling unruly datasets and challenges me to grow as a thoughtful communicator and engineer.

I’d love to chat about data science, open source project ideas, or why The Great British Baking Show is the best TV being made today. Feel free to reach out via Twitter or email.

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